Origin Chocolate Event

The 21st of October the Cacaomuseum co-organizes the Origin Chocolate Event. The Origin Chocolate Event takes place in seven halls of the beautiful Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. You can experience, taste and learn about all aspects of chocolate and cacao. This year we include a special focus on arts, trade and sustainability. There are a lot of stands, concerts, tastings, talks, expositions, workshops, kids activities and other attractions. A wonderful experience for chocolate lovers of all ages!!

3rd Origin Chocolate Evening

The 15th of September we’ll organize the 3rd Origin Chocolate Evening. Dennis van Essen will show us the secrets of preparing origin drinking chocolate; there is a tasting of six cacao teas; Jolanda Groot will give a presentation on cacao and chocolate from Ecuador; We will paint the colors of chocolate flavors (Laura Reiman); Norbert Mergen will present on the link between local food and origin chocolate; Kees Kodde -trade campaigner of Greenpeace- will give inputs for a Bean to Bar/Direct Trade Campaign, there will be chocolate arts & music, and of course: a delicious 5 course chocolate tapas dinner will be served. Buy your tickets now!!

2nd Origin Chocolate Dinner

The 19th of May we organized the 2nd origin chocolate “living room” dinner:
– Cold Cucumbersoup with chocolate nibs
– Asparagus with chocolate dressing
– Tiradito (Peruvian fish receipt) with yellow chili and white chocolate dressing
– Lamb with white chocolate, lavender, and dried fruits
– Pairing of chocolate, cheese and vermouth
– Profiteroles with origin chocolate sauce

First origin chocolate dinner

March 22, 2017: our first origin chocolate “living room” dinner. 1. cacao cheese Mesjokke and cacao sausage Brandt en Levie, vegetables with chocolate vinegar, 2. Smoked trout salad with chocolate dressing, 3. Fennel soup with cacao nibs, 4. Duck with cherry wine chocolate sauce, 5. Chocolate volcano with mango passion fruit ice cream. Some comments from the guestbook: “great company”, “Everything super from A to Z”, “Subtle flavors. Chocolate is more diverse than I thought”. Friday the 19th of May, we will organize the 2nd origin chocolate “living room” dinner.


Visit to Peru and Bolivia

In november and december we visited interesting cacao and chocolate experiences in Peru and Bolivia:
Thanks to the coordination of the Cacaomuseum and Cross Cultural Bridges, Alexandre Bellion, Erik Sauer and Gustavo Hernandez facilitated a workshop on fine chocolate making in Lima, Peru, organized by the Central de Cafe y Cacao (November 27 to 29). We also visited the factory of Baure Chocolates in Santa Cruz (Bolivia). Henkjan Laats (Cacaomuseum) and Erik Sauer (El Sauco) visited from 2-4 December several producers and connaisseurs of Chuncho cacao and chocolate in Cusco, Peru. 2 dec: Office of Flor Margarita, Huayopata, 3 dec: Cacao tour by Flor Margarita (Willy and Nancy Marin Echegaray), 4 dec: Walter Delgado of the Cooperative d’Mateo, producers Faustino Tirado and Percy Quispe, and Chuncho expert Wilton Cespedes. The Chocomuseo in Cusco was our last visit.