The owner of the Cacaomuseum is a professional cook, specialized in cacao and chocolate receipts. For Chocolate pastry, we work closely together with Suspiros Amsterdam. We prepare chocolate dinners, pastry and snacks for all kind of events, and we can be contacted for catering and delivery.

Chocolate dinner before the Origin Chocolate Event (21st of October, 2017):

Chocolate dinner (19th of May, 2017) included the following dishes:
– Tiradito (Peruvian fish receipt) with yellow chili and white chocolate dressing
– Asparagus with chocolate dressing
– Cold Cucumbersoup with chocolate nibs
– Lamb with lavender-white chocolate sauce
– Tasting of Chocolate-Cheese-Vermouth
– Profiteroles with origin chocolate sauce

First origin chocolate dinner:

Tapa dinners during the Origin Chocolate Evenings:

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