The Cacaomuseum organizes events that promote origin chocolate.

Upcoming events:

Friday July 21: Tasting with Peruvian chocolate, experience the diversity of cacao species (chuncho, amazonas, porcelana, etc.): Marana , Chocomuseo and other brands. We finish the evening with ceviche and a pisco sour, 20 Euros.

Friday September 15: 3rd Origin Chocolate Evening.

Saturday October 21: Origin Chocolate Evening

We organize the Origin Chocolate Evenings, workshops and tastings. Furthermore, we participate in the organization of other events with the same aim, for example the Chocoladekaravaan and the Origin Chocolate Event. We also can be contacted for other activities such as:
Chocolate music: Winand Bijlmakers and Laura Reiman
Storytelling: Francesco Melita
Chocolate painting: Laura Reiman

Chocolateevening 24 juni de ceuvel

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