17th of March: the second Origin Chocolate Evening!!

After a very successful first edition, we will organize the 17th of March the second Origin Chocolate Evening. People from different disciplines will expose surprising and unique chocolate-related activities. The expositions and a origin chocolate tapas dinner will inspire chocolate specialists and chocolate lovers. At one of the most innovative and sustainable places of the Netherlands, in an ambience of chocolate music and art, you can meet interesting people, make joint plans and have an unforgettable evening. Please contact us if you want to participate and/or expose.

Visit to Peru and Bolivia

In november and december we visited interesting cacao and chocolate experiences in Peru and Bolivia:
Thanks to the coordination of the Cacaomuseum and Cross Cultural Bridges, Alexandre Bellion, Erik Sauer and Gustavo Hernandez facilitated a workshop on fine chocolate making in Lima, Peru, organized by the Central de Cafe y Cacao (November 27 to 29). We also visited the factory of Baure Chocolates in Santa Cruz (Bolivia). Henkjan Laats (Cacaomuseum) and Erik Sauer (El Sauco) visited from 2-4 December several producers and connaisseurs of Chuncho cacao and chocolate in Cusco, Peru. 2 dec: Office of Flor Margarita, Huayopata, 3 dec: Cacao tour by Flor Margarita (Willy and Nancy Marin Echegaray), 4 dec: Walter Delgado of the Cooperative d’Mateo, producers Faustino Tirado and Percy Quispe, and Chuncho expert Wilton Cespedes. The Chocomuseo in Cusco was our last visit.