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Chocolate Tasting

Experience the amazing diverse flavor range of chocolates from different parts of the world


This is the main activity of the Cacaomuseum, already several thousands of people had a great time doing it! The activity starts with a museum tour including a cup of cacao tea, followed by a tasting with all your senses of three high quality bean to bar chocolate bars.Chocolate tasting is an activity suitable for all ages in which we -by using colours- express the sensory experience of chocolate tasting. This means that we use watercolour-paint in order to visualize what we taste in forms and colours. By painting, we experience the flavours (up to thousand!) a lot more intense. It is a very relaxing and cosy activity suitable for individuals, couples or larger groups.


1 hour/ 15 per person

Come on In

Entrance is Free!


1000 -1800


Czaar Peterstraat 175


+31 (0) 612 797 707

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