We are the only cacao and chocolate museum of the Netherlands, established in Amsterdam. The Cacaomuseum offers a permanent exposition on the world of chocolate and cacao, and has a very extensive and diverse assortment of chocolates and cacao products, such as cheese, sausages, vinaigre and beer.

Furthermore, the Cacaomuseum promotes origin “bean to bar” chocolate by organizing expositions, tours, dinners, workshops, events, and offering education and information.

Our main activities are in the Netherlands, and there are direct and frequent contacts with producers and suppliers in countries of origin, specifically in Peru and Bolivia.

The initiative started in 2014 and the Cacaomuseum Amsterdam is a registered trademark in the Chamber of Commerce since 2015 (KvK: 09149155).

Its owner is Henkjan Laats, and there is a pool of people who implement the different activities of the Cacaomuseum.

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